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Lesson 10- Community is Everything

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power of community

A few weeks ago I co-hosted and event called Finding Me, Impacting We. It was inspired by a Self-Expression and Leadership class I was taking though Landmark Education in 2012. We had the task of creating a project that would have positive impact in our communities. I came up with the idea to create a day of women’s empowerment with some powerful speakers and women in the community who would become inspired to see their own gifts and share them with the world.

My grandmas, “The Old Lady” and my grandma Colleen both attended the first event in 2012. They were there to support me but really brought such positive energy and wisdom to the day. I was blessed to have them there and share in this creation that was such an integral part of who I am and what I’m about; helping women see their power and use it for the good.

This year we recreated the event only without the grandmas. Here’s what’s true for me and how it relates to Lessons From The Old Lady, community is everything. One thing for sure is that women crave connection and community with other like-minded women. In the planning of the event, I knew no matter what it would be successful because of who would be in the room. A room full of loving, big-hearted, open-minded, self-aware women. I knew that simply by bringing these women together, magic would be created….and it was.

We want to know we are not the only ones struggling with self-doubt, insecurities, challenges, fears, self-defeating talk, procrastination, lack of clarity, etc. etc. We want to know we are OK just as we are. That we are lovable and worthy. That we are normal and even extraordinary. It is when we come together and share stories, show vulnerability, ask for support and offer it, give praise and be open to receiving it and when we are not afraid to be ourselves with others, that we feel relieved, connected, inspired, motivated and transformed. This is the power of community.

My grandma had an amazing community that she created. She had her bridge club, her weight-loss group, her swimming partners, her family and she actively participated in all of it. She showed up fully, loved deeply, gave freely and generously and she really embraced the idea that community is everything. In doing so, she was happy and fulfilled and supported and loved tremendously. She was a perfect example of what community can do for one’s soul.

I am grateful that she showed me an example of the importance of community, especially for women, and how to create community in a way that feels in alignment with what’s important to me.

I’m curious about your sense of community. Do you feel you have one? What are you doing to create and engage in your community? How do you think your life might be different if you felt a strong sense of community? When you share your experience, you open the door for others to share theirs and you are actively creating community. I’d love to hear from you.

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